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Definition: Rock band formed in 1996, in California. Initially named Xero, and was composed of 6 members: Mark Wakefield (vocals), Mike Shinoda (second vocals, rapping), Brad Delson (guitars), Joe Hahn (DJ, turntables), Dave Farrell a.k.a "Phoenix" (bass) and Rob Bourdon (drums). In 1999, Wakefield left the band to search for other projects, and Xero recruited then, the current vocalist of the band, Chester Bennington. They would rename their band to "Hybrid Theory", and later, "Linkin Park"

The same year, they managed to sign a deal with Warner Bros. Records after various failed attempts. After signing the deal, they released their first album in 2000, "Hybrid Theory". It became an instant success and launched LP into mainstream. Some songs that became popular in the album were: "Crawling" and "In the End".

Came 2002, after a long time touring around the US, they worked on a new album, and finally released it, under the name "Meteora". Although less successful than the first album, it still managed to sell a lot and make the band's popularity grow even more. Some songs that stood out were: "Faint", "Numb", "Somewhere I Belong" and "Breaking the Habit".

After the second album's success, Linkin Park continued to tour and help in charity work. It kept going like this until 2006, where the band released their 3rd and newest album, "Minutes to Midnight", That marked a departure from the band's old rap/rock style. Now the lyrics contained some profanity and were more politically charged, although Mike still rapped in few songs. Another new thing was that Brad put a few guitar solos in some songs as well. The song that stood out the most in the album, becoming its pilot single, was "What I've Done", but songs such as "Bleed It Out" and "Shadow of the Day" had relative success.

They are still active today, but there are no previews of a 4th album. Their musical style is best defined as "nu-metal", due to the interplay seen between Chester's singing and Mike's rapping.

Opinion: I won't say LP is the best band in the world cause I haven't listened to all the rock bands in the world to judge it. But they are worthy of the success they make, and their sound is very good. An excellent band all around.
Current Linkin Park members:

. Chester Bennington (vocals)
. Rob Bourdon (drums)
. Brad Delson (guitar)
. Joseph Hahn (turntables)
. Dave Farrell a.k.a Phoenix (bass)
. Mike Shinoda (emcee, rapping)


. Hybrid Theory (2000)
. Meteora (2002)
. Minutes to Midnight (2006)

Some popular songs

. Crawling (Hybrid Theory)
. In the End (Hybrid Theory)
. Faint (Meteora)
. Numb (Meteora)
. Somewhere I Belong (Meteora)
. Breaking the Habit (Meteora)
. What I've Done (Minutes to Midnight)
. Shadow of the Day (Minutes to Midnight)
. Bleed It Out (Minutes to Midnight)
by Mat.L April 13, 2008

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