a innovator of the maps used in the manly man's game; know to call those who oppose his innovative ideas 'cavemen'.
when he was asked whether Id maps or customs were preferrable for tdm, Link resolutely answered, "customs, you caveman dm3 x5 llama."
by j0n November 23, 2003
Lick + wink
Licking your teeth while winking
He linked at the girl he liked.
she did not link back.
by Salmia June 15, 2008
A disgusting word used by Common people that means to go out or meet someone. It usually implies going out and then fucking or doing stuff afterwards.
dirty boy: can mans link you?
Skank: yeah call my phone init
dirty boy: safe

Only people with no self respect use this word.
by Quitelate June 07, 2006
1. A fictional character from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker that always appears to be posing as the real Link.
2. On Crack.
3. A pokemon that can only be caught with a secksplzball.
Links are usually running around hauling extension chords.
by Midna September 15, 2007
in uk the urban scene link is not zelda but either to give sumone sumting or to get off with a member of the opposite sex
link us with 50p blud
im linking with that fine biatch
by MC Raider July 24, 2004
In some MMORPG games, refers to when a group of players is hunting monsters. Sometimes when they attack one monster, other nearby monsters of the same type also engage and attack. Usually a very bad situation.
1. Oh hell, our puller got a link and we all died.
by Vespasian August 24, 2005
An act leading to something good/improved.
That new bab shop is a link
by Wrek August 11, 2005

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