v. To connect, especially connect two web pages.
If you are here, some assclown probably couldn't fucking link correctly.
by MMBKG September 08, 2003
To meet up with a drug dealer to pay and collect your drug of choice.
"Blad can you link me a draw tonight?"
by Jaytool June 03, 2005
a person who acts dorky, socially awkward or uncool, but in a cute way. also, someone who says weird but cute things. can also be a nickname for such a person
Anna runs through the hallway squeeling and waving her arms. She is such a link!

"can you deep-fry an ice cube?" is a question someone who is a link might ask

friend: "hey, Link, come here!"
linky friend: "no, I am too busy trying on these cool lobster hats"
friend: "then let's take myspace pictures in them"
#no tags #it's a unique word #no synonyms #no antonyms #no common misspellings
by juicy_girl June 03, 2006
1. Has amazingly looking sexy legs
2. Is everything to do with the word "sexy"
3. Is sexy
4. is a very ruggid young man
Links legs are so sexy, I just wish I could look at them every minute of everyday
#links #dog #sexy #green #chocolate
by Mimic000 September 15, 2007
A hippie skater guy that goes to a party at your house and poops in your closet after drinking shots of whiskey and mineral oil.
Don't know who did it? He's the missing Link.
by Hey mike October 11, 2004
A Link Iz A Gyal Dat A Boi Aint Goin Out Wiv But He Iz Just Linkin Her. Lyk Shez MORE Than A Friend But LESS Than A Girlfriend. Dah Boi Uses The Girl 4 Lyyk Sex & 4 Her 2 Just Be There So He Can B Lyk "Yeh Im Linkin 4 Gyalz Rite Now" But She Aint His Wifey. Sumtimez Boyz Link Girlz 2 See If They Are Wifey-Able & If She Iz, Then She Becomez His Wifey. Basically A Boi Can Drop Hiz Link At Any Time & It Wud B Normal He Can Just B Lyk "i Dont Wanna See U No More" & She Wud B Like "OK Bye" No Questionz Askd Coz Theyr Not Goin Out. This Type Of Boi Is Called A Playa.
If U Want 2 Understand It U Shud Listen 2
"KID - Wifey Season"
Or It Cud B Sumthin Like
Boi: U Wanna Link, B?
Gyal: Yehh Boyye
Boi: Low It i Dont Wanna Link U No More
Gyal: Kl Bye
#wifey #links #linkage #girlfriend #playa
by Linx123 December 28, 2007
cute but smelly boy
Did you see the African Pride shampoo in his bathroom?
by Celeste and Kayln May 26, 2003
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