The hero of Hyrule who is the sexiest game character on earth!!
Link is sooo hott, he can fuck me anytime!
by SLK January 14, 2004
the hero of the "Legend of Zelda" video game series made by Shigeru Miyamoto.
Link chopped up the fools who hate him.
by Dinoras July 20, 2003
My fucking hero.
What? Link bitchslapped Ganondorf for the umpteenth time today? KEG PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!
by DarkMillennia August 16, 2003
The central character from the Legend Of Zelda game series, perhaps most notably the Nintendo 64 game, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
Link is The Hero Of Time, chosen to battle evil. In Ocarina Of Time he used the Master Sword and the Triforce Of Courage to defeat Ganondorf, an evil dictator who had conquered the land of Hyrule when he stole the Trifore Of Power.
When it rains Link doesn't get wet, the rain gets Link.
Link's tears cure cancer, unfortunately he never cries.
Link donates a lot of blood to the red cross. Just not his own.
Link doesn't sleep - he waits.
Link makes onions cry.
Link is allowed to talk about Fight Club.
Arrows dodge Link.
Link irons his tunic while he's still wearing it.
Link can can predict the songs on his ipod shuffle.
Link puts his tights on two legs at a time.
Link taught the Kool-Aid guy how to break though walls.
Link created the wheel. Twice.
Link once recieved a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He made the handprint when the cement was dry.
Link is fluent in wingdings.
by Kurosaki Ichigo May 22, 2006
The hero of the widely popular Legend of Zelda series. He is easily recognized by his trademark green tunic and pointed ears. His vocabulary is comprised of the words: HA, HYA, ARRRGH, and YARRRRGH.
Link set out to save Hyrule for the 5471576th time.
by Lit. November 25, 2007
a fucking douche who breaks into your house and smashes all your pots.
you: There I finally got all my pots set up the way I want them.

Link: Hiya!!!

you: GOD DAMNIT!!!
by TheAceConvict November 29, 2010
Proper Noun
The main character/hero from the Legend of Zelda series. Link usually appears as a young man, age 12-16, though in the game Ocarina of time he was roughly 10 years old then when he left the temple of time about half way through the game he was 17. So there is no confusion, none of the Legend of Zelda game time lines are related to each other. Link is the wielder of the Master Sword and holder of the Triforce of Courage. Link also uses a variety of tools in his adventures, including bombs, a boomerang, a bow and arrows, and many others though they differ throughout the games. He fights Ganondorf alongside Princess Zelda and has a fairy named Navi who accompanies him and gives him advice. Link is also in capable of speech, or is just the quiet type, and I mean REALLY quiet. Link never says anything other than making vocal noises when jumping, fighting or taking damage.
Link, in addition to being the hero of Hyrule, is a real player as he has at least 3 girlfriends by the end of each game, except for the old ones and the GB titles. They are as follow:

1) Princess Zelda (obvious)

2) Saria: Link's childhood friend from Ocarina of Time

3) Malon: A young farm girl Link meets and befriends in Ocarina of Time

4) Princess Ruto: The princess of the Zora's (fish people) who Link supposedly was going to marry in Ocarina of Time

5) Tetra: The captain of a pirate ship, that started Link's adventure in Wind Waker, was really Zelda but she didn't know who she really was when she met Link

6)Medii: A Rito girl (bird people) who Link meets in Wind Waker, might not be a loving relationship, just a friendly one

7)Ilia: Link's childhood friend from Twilight Princess, her being kidnapped starts his quest in the first place.

8)Midna: The princess of the Twilight Realm who replaces Navi as a companion and advice giver, though she is much less annoying. Midna originally planned to use Link as a minion but eventually fell in love with him, awwwwww. Also, Link really loved Midna back, when it is usually the girl just falling for Link, Midna counts as 2 girls because when she met Link she was a small imp, but after Ganondorf is defeated she returns to her normal (and very hot) form.

I am sure that there are some characters that I missed, but I got most of them.
by Xenomorph42Q April 28, 2008

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