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Very rare name for a male. Usually Russian. Ilias are very tall and are incredibly hot. Usually have tons of friends are always out partying. They're down for almost anything. Ilias are very loving and sweet to the people they love the most. Ilias eat a lot of food.
"Hey man, find any parties?"
"Nah dude, imma hit up Ilia though and see what's up."
by scarerika February 10, 2010
Character from nintendos "legend of zelda:twilight princess" who cares for epona and suffers from severe memory loss later in the game
Link: what's ilia so mad about?

Me: shes mad because epona has A scratch on her ankle and now she's taking it out on all the men in the villiage

Link: what A bitch.....
by mdizzle18700 February 10, 2008
There not just men named Ilia a few and incredible women have that awesome name as well!!!!! and we are not Russian!!!!
Kind , Sexy, Curvy, and GREAT titties!!! You would be crazy to shy away from this girl!!!
Also apologizes way toooooo much. Rarely gets mad.
"You can lean on Ilia"
by EllyMae October 23, 2013

A long improvised totally unprepared presentation or speech that goes way over set time limits, but doesn't get cut off and ends up being totally awesome.
Dude, great hour-long presentation, but you know it was supposed to be only 5 minutes? You totally pulled an Ilia there.

A: Have you prepared for your speech today?
B: Nah, I'm just gonna pull off an Ilia.
by jonjonsonearns May 11, 2012
Ilia is incredible. She has a beautiful face and a body to match. Even more incredible with short hair?
Man: I really wish I could find an incredible, short haired woman with the face of an angel, a substantial bosom , and a PhD.

Other Man: You have to find yourself an Ilia. Good luck, they are really rare.

Man: Thanks.
by meghann February 25, 2012
always to blame for everything....
'Ah I have an exam on monday... it's all ilia's fault..'
by lolshahabanter May 22, 2010
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