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A very skinny girl, ussually very shy. SHe keeps to herself and cares about her friends very much, you'd be lucky to have her as a friend.
She is smart when she wants to be, and nice, although she doesn't think she's pretty, she very much is. Inside and out.
Liliane has dark eyes and hair, and she likes to pop out, with bright colors, but has a hard time making friends.
She has anxiety and always tries to find something bad about her life and try to resolve it until she eats herself up over little things.
She likes video games, maybe grown up as a tomboy then decided to wear leggings and skirts, in the girly girl section.

Liliane is a very beautiful name, she will grow with great importance and see the world and humanity itself like no one else can.
"wow did you see Rebecca? She looks like a Liliane today!"
by The Name Namer May 10, 2013
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