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Noun; often misspelled Lillian. A girl who is always wearing purple. Always smiling, laughs at jokes even when it isn't funny just to see you happy. Doesn't conform to trends, likes to do her own thing. Is very much unique, loves to be spontaneous. Gets amused easily, and gets hurt easily. Loves to make new friends and gets attached to you, will stand up for you in whatever situation to the death.
Lilian is such a great friend.

Yeah she is! She knocked a guy out when he tried to mess with me!

That's Lilian for ya.
by Purple-ishous February 02, 2010
"Usually misspelled as Lillian."-urban dictionary .com, Cute, Loving, a bundle of happiness. Can be insulting at times- but means it in a loving way (if that's even possible). Likes people to have a good time, very giving, caring, thoughtful. Likes surprises. Funny- and laughs at everything, which is also funny. Easy going- very easy going. Can induce migraines at times- but its worth it. Shes just a bundle of all things good.
by Rexanna December 19, 2010
If you know a Lilian, be thankful. She is a hipster who laughs A LOT, very easily amused, and is always smiling. But if she hates then beware because she can be lethal. She doesn't ever accept compliments which is annoying as hell. She is probably really flirtatious, probably has a nice ass too. Amazing dancer. If you can get her to suck your dick, then you will be the luckiest man alive because she is a SEX GODDESS. She is beautiful and has a body made for loving. Hold on to her, she's the marrying kind.
"How are you today Lilian?"

" I hate everyone."

"But i love you!"

by sweeswee45 January 11, 2013
Lilian is sexy, and loves green. She loves squads
she's creative, and puts up with everyones trash.

amen lil
"She's a lil' bit cool.'
'Lilian is a strong tol'
by teh_green_child December 26, 2015
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