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two people who suddenly realize they have identical habits and/or ideas.
"You ALSO watch VH1 music list shows?!?!"
"Yea we're twinners!!!!!"
by BATSAM August 26, 2009
When two individuals wear the same outfit, on the same day, and are seen together, they are classified as twinners.
Janey: Did you see Landon and Mitchell yet today?

Hannah: Yeah they wore the exact same outfit to work!

Janey: yeah they are totally twinners
by Ders June 12, 2012
A meal for twins. Cooked late at night, between dinner and breakfast. Normally consists of pizza and chips.
I was so hungry last night when I got in from the pub, so I made myself some twinner
by tomandharry April 15, 2011
Two gorgeously hot blonde beauty's from Las Vegas, Nevada who realized in 2006 the were twinners. They had the same Hollister jacket, blonde hair, extensions, cafe rio obsesson, same sense of humor, love for extensions, constantly end sentences with kthnxbaiii, and the list goes on and on.
"One day I was walking down the 700 Hall and I was wearing my blue hollister track jacket and you were walking past me and we both were like omgsh we're twinners! "
by hellolovey November 22, 2011
- twice for dinner
When you meet 2 really hot girls you have a twinner!
by MSinc December 04, 2003
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