The only thing to do on facebook.
X - I just liked your status!
Y - Well I just liked a comment on your status!
Z - Well I just liked a fanpage about liking comments on status's!
by theingridstones June 27, 2010
an action done on facebook, as in comment or like the status.
Did you see Bridgette's status on facebook?" "Yeah I liked it!
by Bherdz July 01, 2010
Locale: UK, Birmingham/Northern England. Word added to sentences in these districts, to affirm something.
"So we went to the shops like"
by beteo January 27, 2004
Verb: Find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory
Toby Felder likes absolutly everything on Facebook
by ThumbsUpToby May 17, 2011
a) A substitute for "said", before a quote.

b) About; approximately

c) Nonsense word; a space holder
a) And he was like, "We should go out sometime," and she was like, " your dreams," and he was like, "Bitch."

b) He was like, 30 years old.

c) So, like, where should we, like, go?
by M November 22, 2003
Around the DC area, it's used to end a sentence or comment.

say your comment or question and then add "like" in the end of it.
That nigga is ugly like...

Why he got on so many colors like...?

Yo son, you actin gay like...
by nay January 10, 2005
An annoying new feature on facebook in which people can 'like' (ie. give a 'thumbs up' to) a status update, photo, video, link, and/or any other posted item on their profile.
Most people are already abusing this feature by 'liking' their own items. A person who does this would be considered a fag.
Trevor Smith: omg, lls, i like my video sooo much, im gonna click the 'like' button so it looks like i have friends who care about my shitty work!! LOL

Me: ...
by that one guy... February 15, 2009

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