A word, like, used in like, every like sentense. This can be a habit for some people.
I just so like ate like a box of Oreos now like I'm gonna gain like 15 million pounds!
by DizzyLizzy November 22, 2006
A word used subconsciously by most teenagers, to denote that what they are about to say is probably inaccurate, exaggerated, or estimated; it was thought up on the spot, and while it should be considered, it shouldn't be taken entirely at face value. The word becomes embedded in your vocabulary at around 12 and it takes a lot of thinking to really understand why you say it.
"...and then he banged on for, like, half an hour about God and the Bible and stuff..."
"Sam's such a nerd, he wrote like five pages for his essay."
"He's a lot older than he looks, he's like 60 or something."
"...and then he, like, hurled Ben's shoe up into the tree, and it got stuck. Then Ben went mad on him, he must have like broken his nose or something."
by Atomik Spongeface July 12, 2008
A term overused mainly by many teenagers in high school, mainly abused during public speeches because of nervousness felt by the user. However it is sometimes abused when talking to friends..either way...its abused, and people need to learn to say other words other than 'like'
Like i went to the store? and like....i bought some stuff? and like..like...like i drove home after that..then like...like..like like - i forgot.
by Karawasa May 14, 2008
Nonsense, Adjective, Verb

1)A word which is used to substitute a space where a better verb, adjective, or noun.This context is used mainly by females ages 10-17, and the entire population of California.

2)Similar to, resembling.

3)A word used by those in Junior High, or High School, when they feel the word love, or crush is not appropriate for the context given.
1)Like, and then i bought the like, blue, or was it like purple, but, like, it was like, dark blue...

2)Man, you look like hell...

3)Janey and Alex like each other, so they blush in each other's presence.
by Tzar Trusk March 18, 2003
Something I say way too much.
Did you, like, like that book? I, like, liked it because it was, like, a lot like my life. I'd, like, like to get a copy of it.
by EJL December 09, 2003
americans favourite word, in which they use 100 times in once sentence.
"i was like dude, and he was like dude and i was just like.... dude!"
by Fredwrick Shorty September 22, 2008
1a. Similar to.
1b. In the same manner as.

2. Used with the verb "to be" in dialogue attribution (quotes).

3. Used to express:
(a) a thought, or
(b) an emotional reaction (not an actual quote), especially when
(c) exaggerrating.

4. A word used as filler while thinking; interchangeable with "um."
1a. They passed like fleeting dreams.
1b. She walks in beauty, like the night.

2. I was, like, "What happened?"

3a. I was, like, What is WRONG with you?
3b. She was, like, NOOO! DAMMIT!
3c. He was, like, crying -- I mean, he wasn't crying, but he was so upset.

4. A covalent bond is, like, when the atoms share electrons?
by Journeyman Writer February 28, 2005

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