1 definition by supposed_2_b_doing_my_hw

1. to be similar as
2. to replace "said" or "says"
3. a word that many have come
accustomed to say, simply because
they have fun saying because it has
a nice ring to it, or sometimes if
said by a girl, well because they
are trying to copy everyone else
and trying to make herself sound
dumb to guys because she wants them
to think shes easy so that she will
get fucked
1. Her perfum smells like Ralph Lauren.
2. He was like, I think you're hot.
And then I was like, I think ur hot
3. That like really sucks.
Oh my god, I can't beleive he
thinks my boobs are hot.
by supposed_2_b_doing_my_hw April 04, 2005

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