A word used as filler. It has become such a meme in the English language that I am seriously pondering smashing my pinky with a rock every time I use it. Even highly educated people use it in this manner.
So like we can use this equation to compute like a minimum fuel consumption trajectory to another planet. This is called like a Hohmann transfer orbit.
by lerxst December 17, 2004
a. A nebulously-defined social connotation often referring to an appreciation of someone of the opposite gender accompanied by a desire or supposition of a desire for the relationship to progress beyond platonic friendship.
"Hey man, do you like Rachael?"
by Jinky Williams May 31, 2005
Used by stupid girls like P. Hilton to show how cool and modern they are. But actually it just emphasizes their low IQs, and how retardic they are.
Paris: "Omg I'm like the most popular girl ever!"
Nicky: "Like wow!"
Paris: "Ya I know. I'm like so cool. Just look at me!"
Nicky: *sighs* "We rock!!"
Paris: "Like im more popular than the queen!!!"
Nicky: "You're more popular than me! I'm just the younger
sister who's like less cool than you!"
Paris: "I know! Doh!! If it werent for ME, you'd be a
nobody. Like I'm so amazing."
Nicky: "Like omg yeah!'
by googoo 101 September 29, 2006
one step away from the bed, two steps away from love
I like you alot, wanna go out?
by Lil'CC September 18, 2003
1) A term used, usually by middle schoolers, to say 'have a crush on'
2) A word used to compare things
3) A word that some stupid teenage Valley girls must use every other word in every sentence
4) A word meaning 'said'
Sandra:I really like John, I want him to ask me out!
Katie: NO WAY! Gaby likes John too, and he likes her!
Sandra: What? I thought Gaby liked Mike!
Sandra: No, that was last month. She did until she found out that Mike liked Alyssa.

Life living with my stepmother is like hell. It sucks.

Stupid Slut 1: So, like, I was like, at the mall yesterday, and like, I saw this like, adorable shirt! And, like, ohmigawd, it was like on sale! I was all "YES!" and I went like, crazy! It was like, sooo cool!

Did you hear what happened? Mara cursed at the teacher today! She was yelling at Mara and Mara was like "Fuck off bitch" and the teacher seem really shocked, then she was like "WHAT?!? WHAT DID YOU SAY? GET DOWN TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE NOW!", yelling and shit.
by Romanticide April 04, 2005
A softening word used mainly by teenagers who are not entirely confident about the content of their speech. Used when they want to avoid an outright opinion or statement of fact that they might be challenged over or that someone might take offence at.

It can also be used along the lines of "You know what I'm saying?” to re-enforce the bond between speakers. With each use of 'like' requiring a nod from the listener to indicate they agree with the speakers assessment of events.

By opening any statement with 'like' the speaker can avoid responsibility for it being entirely true or not.

When overused (as it often is) it can be very annoying to listen to because it sounds like the person is not really saying anything of substance.
"...so I was like, so angry about it."
Rather than, "I was so angry."


"It was like, the best thing ever."
Rather than, "I thought it was the best thing ever."


"I'm like totally over him, and I like don't ever want to see him like, ever again. I mean like, what the hell? He's like a total sleaze"
Rather than, "I'm totally over him, and I don't want to see him ever again. I mean, what the hell? I think he's a total sleaze. Don't you agree?"
by The DNG August 05, 2007
(1) like = said (the first Valley Girl,popularized in a 1982 Frank Zappa song,swapped "like" for "said")
(2) word used in conversation to set up quotations

(3) word used as a stall tactic when they're not confident about what they're saying, akin to "uh" or "um", a space-filler in conversation to keep the other person from injecting into an otherwise-quiet space between thoughts; sometimes thought to be a sign of a poor vocabulary
(1) I'm like, `Gag me with a spoon' and she's like, `Oh my God!'

(2) He's, like, `Go ahead.'

(3) I'm like, thinking about taking my clothes off, but I'm like, on my period, and I'm thinking, like, does he want to 'do it' when Im, like, going to be bleeding all over, like, his cock....
by Jake February 17, 2004

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