A libertarian is someone who believes that you should have the freedom to do whatever you choose, other than to hurt or take away that freedom from someone else.

The only reason for the government is to make sure that people don't take away freedom of another person. Any extra rules enforced are not needed, and are an invasion of personal liberty.
Clint Eastwood is a libertarian.
by KP January 14, 2004
A person who believes there should be no government at all because they don't want to pay taxes. In order to support this view libertarians insist the government is completely corrupt and incapable while they use demonizing tactics against those who use or who are likely to use government programs intended to combat starvation and poverty, usually the poor and disabled. However, it's impossible to find a libertarian who will refuse government aid when they themselves become poor or disabled. This is because libertarians understand they are due reparations for the theft of their tax dollars, as is spelled out in the sacred governmental domination instruction manual known as the Constitution.
I'm a libertarian because I want the Constitution inside me.
by catcatcher April 17, 2010
In the classical sense an individual who favors liberty either in the service of society against tyranny or because the state has no compelling interest in certain behaviors.

In the contemporary sense, A stupid high school white boy who lives off if his parents and has never had anything bad happen to him.
Give me liberty or give me death.

Wow, what an asshole. He must be a little rich boy libertarian. Lets beat the shit out of him and teach him a lesson.....
by DKofML April 14, 2009
1)In America, this term is used to describe the economic policy known as liberalism in Europe and Latin America.
2)Also an anti-authoritarian ideology, usually associated with Anarchism.
1)Libertarians believe in free-market capitalism and property rights are a central tennet of their philosophy.
2)To avoid being confused with terrorists, anarchists sometimes call themselves libertarians.
by unem May 28, 2005
A Republican who wants to smoke pot and have wild sex.
Bob Barr voted for the Patriot Act, but somehow got addicted to pot and butt sex, so he became a Libertarian so it wouldn't look so bad if someone found out about it.
by Monday's Dusk February 22, 2009
A Republican who wants to get high and look at porn.
"Dude, that guy's a Libertarian! What does that mean?"

"He's basically a Republican who likes porn."
by cheeze9037075 July 26, 2009
A Republican with a bong.
Libertarians think they should be able to do as they please, including ignoring our human responsibility to help each other.
by mistah charley, ph.d. September 17, 2007

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