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a person who thinks that they have all the answers to the US government. In actuality their ideas would cripple the US, ans we would never be able to be part of the world economy again. libertarians believe there should be no taxes, which would end the government and structure and economy of the United States

also, they support vouchers, giving money to kids to go to private schools. if there is the money to send these kids to private schools, why not use that money to improve the public schools?
Libertarians crippled California's education system by pushing through prop 13
by coolgmem December 05, 2006
a proposition in california that was voted in in 1978. it kept the property tax on houses from rising unless it was sold to somone outside the family. property tax in california, and in most other states, is what the education system gets its money from. so when prop 13 went into effect, the entire education system went into dissaray, and now the public shcool system in california has gone from being ranked 5th best in the country before prop 13 to 2nd to last after. it makes it so that there are little pockets of good schools, but the majority of public schools are no where near where they should be to teach the children of california.
libertarians pushed prop 13 through the california government, and now the public education system is 2nd from the bottom in the country.
by coolgmem December 05, 2006

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