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Black male porn actor. The epitome of the black man with a rhinocerous cock.

This well-endowed God of a man possesses a unit no less than 14 inches long and 6 inches in girth. Quit his job as a New York stockbroker to go into adult films, where he makes roughly $3,000 per scene.
Huff: "Dude...I just downloaded a porn from Ares and saw Lexington Steele fuck Jenna Jameson's asshole!"

Me: "Yea, and he gets $3,000 everytime he shoots in her face!"
by Nexus November 29, 2004
American male porn actor.

Famous for his 11" black cock.
Lexington Steele is known for screaming loudly when he cums.
by porn-o-lord October 16, 2008
Verb. A black man ("niggra" below Maryland) raping anything that moves...
"Oh shit, he Lexington Steeled her!!"
by neil March 04, 2005
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