2 definitions by Jakndakster

1. A heinous yet undeniable satisfactory act where a man, ussually masked and hooded, qiuetly masturbates unnoticed in a corner until the moment prior to ejaculation, at which point he runs up to an unsuspecting woman and bestows his load upon her face, then sprints away before revenge can be enacted upon him

2. The process of blowing a load onto a women wearing high heels to ensure a safe get-a-way, ussually with a hidden camera man nearby to immortalize the sheer audacity of the sharker

3. For another version, see japanese sharking
"Damn european sharking got me again, time to bust out the industrial strength shampoo!"

Friend 1: Good God, arent you a whore?
Friend 2: No... it was a european sharker, the bastard!
Friend 1: Well did you make him pay for it?
Friend 2: I was wearing high heals *starts crying* he got away..
by Jakndakster November 02, 2011
African American Pornstar, considered to have the largest Dong in the industry

Note: Videos showing Wangs that are about two feet long are fake! notice how the male never takes his hand off of the base of the shaft... Lex Steel has the largest real penis.
"I fucked lexington steel and my vagina hurt for a week his cock is so huge"
by Jakndakster November 02, 2011

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