the best girl in the world, she always has ur back even if ur wrong, shes lovable but has a bitchy side that u learn to see past, shes beautiful but thinks shes ugly, the best friend a person could ever ask for:)
Guy 1: Who's that hot blonde chick sitting over there.
Me: That's my best friend, Lex, dont talk to her unless u plan on sticking around...or ur gunna wake up at the bottom of a reallllyyyyy deep hole.
by (secretlyawsome) September 02, 2011
A guy who when high, drunk, and twisted will repeat the phrase "ya hear me?" after every sentence.
Lex says, "Come on bro smash that ass, ya hear me?"
by Engine Jay January 05, 2014
A lexus
My lex is the best car ever.
by Pusuk April 05, 2003
A chill black guy who tells funny stories.
"I knew the guy was a genuine lex the day I met him"
by Robert Frost. November 24, 2013
a noble yet medium sized subject resembeling a tuff of prairie grass in the hair regions. Yet the creature is stout in the mid section and houses very fit legs. Although you would suspect a body type such as this to excel at sports and waterskiing this is not the case, he choses to eliminate kids all over the interntet one by one playing world of warcraft while staring into their eyes through a LG webcam. and so he is known as by his many misled followers AKA: the sacred shit demon of woodbay and by this continued success he has became famous among shithawks around the world.
Man Lex's legs are growing stouter each day
by veronika13245 July 07, 2010
somebody that lies; yet the lies are quite funny, rapid speaker; not afraid of bugs and or animals.
stop lying! your acting like a lexes!
in ancient greece, there was once a man or woman named lexes that spoke really quick.
once and lexes, always a lexes; brave and courages! not scared of bugs!
by FOOZ. January 19, 2009
Verb meaning to shave someone's head. Derived from Lex Luther in Smallville.
One bully: What should we do to that nerd?
Second bully: Lex him.
First bully: Too mean!
by thetrimmer September 12, 2009

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