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The language that Lesbians use when they are talking to each other.
The all girl school offers a class in Lesbonics.
by wino joe May 06, 2003
a word that describes an action between namely two or more girls that is very close to homosexual but the girls are not lesbian. they just act very premiscously to the same sex. these actions usually disturb guys.
i girl in a classroom is talking to another girl and another guy. after the conversation the girl kisses the other girl and the guy is confused because they both have boyfriends and they are not lesbian. this action is lesbonic.
by se0what May 24, 2010
Pertaining to lesbian sex, especially the frustrating act of witnessing lesbian sex acts that exclude heterosexual participation as unnecessary or repugnant.
These two women started making out at the bar and I became feverish with all the lesbonic action.
by Vadonda February 19, 2008
Lesbonics. Namely the Study and act of Lesbianism; Lesbolical studies, Lesbianism, Vagitarian, Lesbian Sex: All girls Secrety Embrace the Lesbianism when no ones is watching, but Will not Admit it of course, Lesbonic teachers and Students often embrace Denial as-well, Mainly anti-penis Beliefs.
Dina and Sarah are two married Neighbor women, but when the husbands are away at work, they embrace the Lesbonics from 10-4. then return to Monogamous Straight married life..
by CheeseSpam August 22, 2011
Half lesbian half robot
Male 1: "Holy fuck! Is that girl lesbonic?!"
Male 2: "No shit! How can you tell?"
Male 1: "Her vagina smells of motor oil!"
by Lord Bye-ron May 06, 2010
Lesbian urges by a robot.
That robot tried to ram a dildo up my ass.
by sctso October 29, 2003
Girl that like anuva girl!
Sally: I love u
Charlotte: But im sorry, i dont love you
Tracey: WHAT! Sally u cheated on me!
Charlotte: you had it going with her too? U SLUT!
Martin: You guys are lesbonic!
by Swifty April 22, 2004
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