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Used to describe a females feeling of sexual arousal.

"God he/she's hot, i've got a total lesboner"
by oralrich October 31, 2008
32 14
The event of getting an erection while viewing a group of 2 or more lesbians participate in sexual activity (also including kissing). (This can be referenced to Tosh.O season 3, episode 5. When Daniel Tosh says that Black Swan gave him a Lesboner)
Heather and Sally started to get into it and every guy at the party got a Lesboner.
by Chuck the Old Man February 08, 2011
25 14
A word used to describe a woman's sexual arousal for another woman.

The term is derived from the word boner, however it is unlike a boner in that it does not physically exist.
Patricia has a mean lesboner for Giada and wants to have her lesbabies!
by sileightymania April 05, 2010
12 2
n. An erection attained while observing two or more lesbians involved in sexual activity.
Have you seen that movie with Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon? Lesboner ahoy!

That old Traci Lords porn when she's eating that Black chick always gives me a lesboner.
by Guido Paparazzi August 08, 2005
27 25
n- the obvious satisfaction particularly butch lesbians receive when traditionally male tasks are done instead by themselves.
"Wow Kayla sure has a lesboner after moving all those boxes."
by Donny White-o October 01, 2011
2 2