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1) A species of citrus plant that, depending on variety, produces orange, yellow, or green fruits with a bitter-tasting skin and a pulp which ranges from mildly sweet to very sour. Lemon trees are grown in tropical, subtropical, desert, and some temparate regions.

2) An erotic or adult fan-story about an anime or videogame character which was written by some sick pervert for the purpose of providing wank material for the Wapanese and the fanboy otaku who frequently attend cosplay conventions.
1) Lemon beverages are a popular drink during the summer.

2) The fanboy had a staggering collection of lemons on his shelf, next to the crate of hand lotion and 12-pack of toilet paper.
by anime sucks September 16, 2003
Basically, to describe a person(s) who is or is known do be a dumb arse or that does dumb shit. Originated from 'Slot Machines' and spinning up Lemons = a shit spin/result etc.
Example 1.
Mate 1 : "Dude, Damo got so drunk last night he spewed all over the floor"

Mate 2: "What a fucking Lemon"

Example 2.

Driving in your car and getting cut off - "Learn to drive you fucking lemon!"
by CaptainND February 17, 2014

A Loser, A Lame, Someone who generally can't get right.

This person generally suffers from intellectual short comings.

A real corny mother fucker with a small jock and halitosis.
That guy is huge Lemon.
by LemonadeRain January 11, 2014
A man who looks like the hulk and loves the taste of chocolate milk. A large man who will smash your face and leave you with only one shoe.
An American man. Warning approach with extreme caution; white Russians and red wine recommended for close encounters.
Lemon exp. A lemon a man who is nice to be around but carries a bit of a bite
by jeorgia July 10, 2013
Usually a sexually-orientated fan-work or fanfiction, mostly based on manga, anime, video games, and sometimes cartoons. It's also rated 18+ for the sexual acts. It's not like people listen anyway, I don't.

Usually written by women for women, and is about 90% yaoi. There's a difference between porn and lemons, as porn is usually plot-less and has different sexual acts that please men, while lemons are usually written in a book, comic, fanart, or fanfiction. It has more of what pleases women, such as more romance and moar men in it.

Pro-tip: NEVER look up lemons of your childhood favorites. It will shatter your brain.
Pro-tip #2: Most lemons can be found on DeviantART, Fanfiction.net, and just about every other site where horny, sex-crazed teen girls go.


Lime (more romantic and loving instead of sexual)
Ooh, that yaoi lemon I read earlier today was yummy! Mmm... Yaoi...

That FrancexUK story I read earlier today was WAY steamier than the AmericaxUK one I read yesterday.
by CatsfromElsweyr June 24, 2013
when you are to high to do anything at all. ( walk, drive, eat,talk,ect.)
Mike:dude Jon is lemon
Paul: haha yeah dude just leave him lets go to taco bell.
by ashdfciohdsuf May 09, 2011
a light-hearted insult used to describe a person who is acting like a dickhead.
Josh:(nicks friends bag)
Davy: oi! Lemon. What you doing?!!
by Munchkinsoftheworldunite October 15, 2008