the stragglers within a congregation of which no one likes yet are still unbeknowing of the hatred directed towards them
e.g. "Brittany and Kylie are such lemons why the fuck do they sit with us? Do they know that none of us like them?"
by darbluva101 August 10, 2015
Usually a sexually-orientated fan-work or fanfiction, mostly based on manga, anime, video games, and sometimes cartoons. It's also rated 18+ for the sexual acts. It's not like people listen anyway, I don't.

Usually written by women for women, and is about 90% yaoi. There's a difference between porn and lemons, as porn is usually plot-less and has different sexual acts that please men, while lemons are usually written in a book, comic, fanart, or fanfiction. It has more of what pleases women, such as more romance and moar men in it.

Pro-tip: NEVER look up lemons of your childhood favorites. It will shatter your brain.
Pro-tip #2: Most lemons can be found on DeviantART,, and just about every other site where horny, sex-crazed teen girls go.


Lime (more romantic and loving instead of sexual)
Ooh, that yaoi lemon I read earlier today was yummy! Mmm... Yaoi...

That FrancexUK story I read earlier today was WAY steamier than the AmericaxUK one I read yesterday.
by CatsfromElsweyr June 24, 2013
It's like saying someone is sour, or like, upset.

Often used in Melbournian circles and other cool groups of people.
Don't talk to that guy, he's pretty lemon.
by Toshibajjjjjjjjjjjj April 28, 2011
in the same vein as using 'apple bottoms' to describe black girls with large asses, the term 'lemon' is used to describe an asian woman with a particularly large ass. the shape and color of lemons makes this term appropriate.

lemons are quite rare, so if you happen upon one, be sure to savor it.
oh shit! a lemon! let's follow her and casually stare at dat ass.
by shak_attack April 07, 2011
A term that discribes any type of new vehicles that needs constant repairs.
Man! I just bought this brand new car & it turns out to be a lemon!!!
by BruinKiller3469 March 23, 2009
1 a fruit
2 a way to describe something thats bitter sweet, like lemonade.
3 a way to describe something that sucks
4 an enduring nickname giving to ones lover
-pass the lemon, I need to zest it.

-It was so lemon, I did get to see the movie, but now I'm broke.

-what the F*** that was so lemon, the movie sucked AND I'm broke.....

-I miss Lemon, I dreamt about him last night =]
by I am Jack's lack of surprise January 12, 2009
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