Old men having sex with each other or old men having an orgie/orgy.
"Wow that lemon last night was awesome," says the old man.
by Samanthaaaaaaaaa October 14, 2006
Lemon's is a descriptive word used to describe the drug MDMA. Sucking on lemons describes a person on MDMA, and the facial expressions that comes with the effects of the drug.
1. "Hey man your sucking on lemon's hard tonight aren't you?"
2. "We need to grab some lemon's for tonight"
3. "DUDE! i'm sucking on way to many lemon's tonight"
4. "you look like theres concentrated citrus in your mouth, you did way to many lemon's hahah"
by viggy1991 November 24, 2010
1. That which must be worshiped

2. A sexy and highly addictive thing to lick

3. That which many humans are extremely unworthy of
All hail the mighty lemon!
by iLoveLemons August 06, 2008
used by blues men to mean penis
squeez my lemon till the juice runs down my leg
by reidly September 15, 2005
Hard Core Sex ((Level 5))

Also used in Anime Fan-fic, but can apply elsewhere
My roomate heard me and my girlfriend groaning really loud from our lemons, so he yelled

"Drink that Lemonade!"
by LemonadeforDays January 17, 2012
a lesbian, female who is sexually attracted to other females. The word lemon is used when discussing such people in front of young children.
(talking to her friend in front of the kid) Janet, i have felt this way for a while...i'm a ...you know, a lemon.'
by cutestop May 12, 2008
A pornographic fanfiction that consists of almost nothing but explicit, usually badly-written, sex scenes. This is the kind of stuff that gives all fan fic authors a bad name.
Some idiot fangirl has a whole bunch of lemons on her website.
by Gazuga April 03, 2004

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