A lesbian. A female who drinketh from the furry cup. A bean flicker. A rug muncher.
That bitch just tried to feel my flange up. I reckon she's a full on Lemon.
by Marlowe March 18, 2003
Just a word for Marijuana or a type of it.
"I'm choonged coz I've been bunning too much lemon"
by Rezadamus May 06, 2005
A very odd and highly combustible yellow fruit that live gives you, to burn your house down.
-Note- It is not necessary to accept them.
Guy 1 - Hey when life give you lemons you make lemonade right?

Guy 2 - Are you fucking insane?!? Why are accepting something so dangerous? You have to take that from life! Send it back to him make sure he knows who not to fuck with.
by Clone394 May 11, 2011
Lemon is a term which basically means don't get cocky, rude or mouthy to the person you're talking to..

(as seen on football factories)
Person 1 < Alright Mate? >
Person 2 < Fuck off mug! >
Person 1 < Don't get lemon! >
by Skempy June 25, 2007
A highly delectable fruit.
Did you see those lemons that Flip picked last night? They were pretty juicy. No one picks more natural lemons than Flip. Hers are the best.
by DTAP March 23, 2008
Term originating in London, referring to high-grade skunk (hydroponically-cultivated marijuana). Describes hydro that is 'above average' in terms of potency/quality. Widely used term in UK Grime music.
'This shit is the lemon!'


'My man's got the lemon!'.
by Cunny Linguist July 10, 2008
an adjective used to describe anything negative.

syn: boring, disgusting, lame, unintelligent, shitty, useless, worst
This shit is lemons.
Fuck you, you fucking lemons.

for example of something that is lemons:
by not lemons January 06, 2013

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