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A nonexistent political spectrum on the North American continent due to monstrous shifting to the right.
"Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren't right wing douchebags! They're centrists and lampoon the extremists on both sides!"

"In this country, assuming a centrist position makes you right wing. A true left wing extremist is something you've never seen, and wouldn't know if one snuck up and smacked you on the back of the skull with a picket sign."
More than a simple position in the game of hockey. A more liberal political person.
I may be right-handed, but I'm a left wing.
by The Pittsburgher October 19, 2004
During the French Revolution, peasants and others not represented by the other estates sat in the left wing (in contrast to the nobility who sat in the right wing). To this day, the left wing continues to represent minorities and the common people.
The left-wing is fighting oppression of the lower classes.
by spline November 23, 2007
The act of performing coitus on another person, with or without their consent, because you feel it would be good for them and better for you.

The people who say they are going to Left Wing someone are usually douche bro's, frat boys, and spoiled men and women, most often lacking a moral compass.
Ashley: Did you see Brad last night?
Julie: Hell yeah, I want to left wing him and have his children.
by Profit October 31, 2014
Left wing is a very generic term to describe a political position relative to what is currently accepted as the general consensus. Contrary to popular belief left-wing extremist are as common and possible and extreme as right-wing extremists. If you are left thinking you generally aspire to state-control and inclusiveness regardless of others. If you are right thinking you generally aspire to freedom and responsibility with a few strict rules - life is what you make it and there is no welfare-state to rely on.
Left, center-left, center-right, right - all quite generic terms to describe a political standpoint. Lenin is an example of someone on the extreme left.
by Professor of new English June 21, 2005
Left wing is considered the Liberals or Democrats; they typically feel like the rich should help pay the way for the poor. They are anti-constitutional (especially 1st amendment and 2nd amendment). They believe in Medicaid, Medicare, and welfare. They think that because they have made a good life for themselves they should be obligated to pay more in taxes (hence more to welfare). They think everyone should share what they made while the liberals sit on there asses and think how can we get the rich to pay us more money.
Hey John you made $100,000 this year, you will have to pay AMT taxes. You are making to much money, you will have to pay more in taxes to help the poor who sit on their asses and collect welfare. They made four more kids so now they collect even more in welfare. All the while they just have more and more kids so that the rich have to pay their way more and more. As a left winged liberal we should "share and share alike"

Hey Susie I see you got a 4.0 in college, you did to good share some of that with Tom so he can go to better school. You see Tom sat around and partied through college only earning a 2.0. Susie should give Tom 1.0 that way they both have a 3.0. "Share and share alike" is what we left winged liberals say
by floridagq February 25, 2008
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