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Azzfucking is a variant on ass fucking. It refers to extremely rough anal sex. The term is often used when referring to non-consensual sex between two males. The term was coined by Jose Bonero.
Gilligan and Themoron frequently enjoyed consensual casual sex with each other. However one day, their relationship took a downward turn when Gilligan told Themoron he was too tired and had to go home and sleep, but Themoron went ahead and gave him a major azzfucking anyways.
by profit October 03, 2007
An adult male with an unnatural and overpowering attraction to boys. When a pedoseraph is in the room, all young boys are in constant danger of sexual assault. Also known to be a fan of azzfucking. Derived from the iwforums poster of the same name.
Chuck-E-Cheese's will be a great place for Robbie's 13th birthday party, but we need to be on our toes because that place is a pedoseraph magnet! Someone should watch out to make sure no pedoseraphs sneak in.
by profit October 03, 2007
A word dipset rapper jim jones says to describe his life style.
"Lifestyles, rich and famous livin in the fast lane (Baaaalllllliiiiiinnn!)"
by Profit September 18, 2006
The act of performing coitus on another person, with or without their consent, because you feel it would be good for them and better for you.

The people who say they are going to Left Wing someone are usually douche bro's, frat boys, and spoiled men and women, most often lacking a moral compass.
Ashley: Did you see Brad last night?
Julie: Hell yeah, I want to left wing him and have his children.
by Profit October 31, 2014

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