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Leal- last name of every person who is offended by the mere concept that people have posted on the urban dictionary that Leal, which means *away from slang* loyal, has somehow come to mean annoying.
"The Leal Family is pissed"
#leal #annoying #hate #pissed #loyal
by TehRiddler December 01, 2006
Irish form of good looking or fine
an abrieviation of 'lethal'
rach:do ya see that fella?
kirst: oh yeah he's le'al
#deadly #cool #hot #fine #sexy
by rachbills July 16, 2009
Word used to express a feeling of annoyance, irritation, or anger

*Konglish term of the world 'real'

* (a mixture of the language of Korean (South Korean) and English (U.S.)
Carrie: Ugh, we have math after this class
Michelle: Ah, leal
#konglish #omg #annoyed #urban #shoot #u kiddin me
by Gracier November 21, 2013
Someone who is extremely annoying
Your such a fucking leal, get away!
by Adam October 11, 2004
twisted lol, which to a certain extent, can bug someone even more than the regular lol
leal, ur such a noob
by crs March 28, 2004
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