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The greatest car know to man. Made by God. The chosen vehicle of Barons in medieval Europe.
The LeBaron is a pussy magnet.
by Jimmythefish150 June 05, 2007
A Shit and Run is when someone takes a shit and leaves it in the toilet for the next person to find unexpectedly. It happened to me after school today and I was pretty pissed.
Mikey likes to shit and run.
by Jimmythefish150 April 07, 2009
v. to peace out; to leave or part ways
Yeah, so we're peaceing bitches.
by Jimmythefish150 August 24, 2007
The number one killer of any chance at getting laid.
I was about to bone this girl but then she found out I played Runescape.
by Jimmythefish150 March 30, 2009
The act of spreading cream cheese around the hole of a bagel and then preceding to rape the bagel.
Chris couldn't get any tang last night so he went to the kitchen and made a dirty bagel.
by Jimmythefish150 August 10, 2010
It's when you have crappy dial-up and it kicks you off the internet and when you get back on AIM and you get tired of explaing to everyone what happened so you just tell them you franked.
I franked again. Dail-up sucks.
by jimmythefish150 July 14, 2008
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