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3 definitions by pewp

The greatest person on earth; Your holy god.
Spyda > you.
Spyda is so secksy.
by pewp September 24, 2004
20 17
Noun: A supreme drama "wench" that frequents the Gamespy Forums under many pseudonyms. Applies to any person who is hated because thay are a "pansy" or extremely boring but cannot comprehend why. Often condescending and manipulative.
Oh man, that alpha operator sure is spamming up the message boards with stuff about mushrooms and Chernobyl. Who cares?
by pewp October 30, 2003
3 3
Cause of most of the "Austin OT Drama"
"I've got a penile piercing, BOW DOWN, BOW DOWN!"
by pewp May 16, 2003
4 33