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Lilah is a kickass person who is very out going and loves her big boobs. she tends to use them to her advantage. she is loving and an awesome friend. she is always there for you and never lets you down. she loves to sing and has an amazing voice and a great taste in music. lilah is very loud. she is also very attractive. lilah will never treat you poorly and will always respect you. if you dont know a lilah, then your missing out
omg that girls a total lilah
by iluvlilah November 14, 2010
The worlds best daughter. A person with a beautiful soul and makes any life complete.
I was so unhappy until I met Lilah. She made me so happy.
by LilahsMommy112310 November 02, 2011
as a girl's name is a variant of Delilah (Hebrew), Leila (Arabic), Lila (Arabic) and Lyla (English), and the meaning of Lilah is "languishing, lovelorn, seductive; night beauty".

The baby name Lilah sounds like Lelah, Leilah and Lylah. Other similar baby names are Linah, Lidah, Eilah, Gilah, Lilac, Lilach and Lilas.
My daughters name is Lilah.
by LilahsMommy112310 November 02, 2011
Lilah is a loyal and caring friend. If anyone gives you trouble she will kick your ass for them. She is a wonderful singer and has amazing taste in music. She will always be there for you even if you are all the way across the country.
Lilah is my best friend and she will always be there for me.
by Wholockedforlife April 17, 2016
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