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A woman over 18 who dances and slides over your lap for money
Jlo is a Lap Top
by Maverick October 16, 2003
7 18
Mobile porn.
Rumored to be used for school or work...
I love my laptop, it's porn-on-the-go.
by I Love Beer and Boobs April 25, 2007
475 145
A small portable computer used mainly for pornography
i love my laptop, it's mobile porn
by arman patatanyan September 28, 2013
12 1
It's like a mini tv just for porn.
I had a hard day so I went on my laptop and looked up some porn to ease my stress
by AMAG June 15, 2014
1 0
The act of receiving Fellatio aka Getting your knob polished
Man, I was gettin some Laptop the other night by a bad asian bitch
by Dick Hennessy July 16, 2012
12 16
A 21st Century Boom Box
Yo' I just pissed off everyone on that train by walking in with "Move Along" playing on my laptop
by Dan the n00b slayer November 19, 2006
101 115
1. The top on the lap.
2. The lap on the top.
The laptop topped off the lap.
by vvlad June 13, 2006
56 95