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A tall male figure that is consider very handsome and will be an accomplish leader and gain weath with power and etc.
That man is the definition of langston.
by twenty 1 June 17, 2011
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A slang term for the male penis.
Suck on my langston bitches!!!
by Jal8631 March 23, 2008
A person that has the tendency to shock or amaze people and could also intiminate them.
That dude there stay doing what he want to do, that's langston
by summer 6 June 19, 2011
A big dick nigga who will steal your bitch at any given moment
Do not fuck with this nigga or his squad will be at you house than the police when you look up child porn
Langston fucked me up because I was talking shit

That's what you get for talking to his hoe
by teachmychildren May 14, 2015
Most Commonly referred to as "long dick" or "long town" if being named as a baby. Named after Langston Hughes, a famous African American poet.
"It must sick having to heave around that Langston all day!"
by jackthereaper January 30, 2014
To define a black gay man in an appropriate manner.
Man that black dude has swag, but I think he may be a Langston
by sti11doing1t June 10, 2011
A handsome nerdy bisexual male that usually prefers women over men
That guy langston is such a bisexual but he still get a lot of girls
by curiousitykillsomekats June 19, 2011

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