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A multitude of meanings
1. a penis.
2. a person drunk or otherwise idiotically ridiculous
3. An asshole, creep, fuckwad, dipshit, mother-fucker, or ass-wipe, but always a undisputable cork langer.

Multiple uses of the word include Langer-dan, Lang-ball, and my-friend-steven-the-langer.
1. He whipped out his langer.
2. She was absolutly langers.
3. Mick McCarthy is a langer.

That langer slept with my girlfriend.
What langer-dan didn't know was that she had ghonnaria.
by M. Cullinane November 23, 2005
116 223
Word of Cork origin. Has several meanings, depending on context.

1) Penis
2) Foolish person
3) To be intoxicated
1) I've got a huge langer, boy.
2) You're some langer, boy.
3) He was langers, boy.
by Snake November 24, 2005
574 77
1. a penis
2. a dickhead

Originates from Cork, Ireland
1. "She bit me langer off"
2. "That fella's a langer"
by Oly March 26, 2005
392 80
A silly man,fool, idiot, somebody who is very drunk,

the background of the word comes from county Cork in Ireland
that lads a langer
he is some langer
by buttso February 14, 2005
292 91
Slang term that denotes 'Penis'. However it is very versatile and can even be used as a term of affection.
You're some langer!

Can mean: You're a dickhead


You're an affable rogue.
by gozzy1 April 03, 2009
128 7
Irish-English spoken in Cork:

Wanker, jerk-off
The langers from Dublin took the trophee
by Extract August 19, 2006
119 11
Derivitive of langer meaning drunk or 'pissed'
I was so langers after the pub last night I woke up in the park, boy!
by Biorn July 03, 2005
51 9
1. a prick

2. to be langered (drunk)

3. idiot
1. all teachers are langers

2. oh god my head i was langered last night

3. did ya see that langer over there he fell again
by chadsexington4 October 04, 2006
63 23