1. Penis
2. Thundering idiot
3. drunk (pl)
He was so langers (or langerated) last night, he never put his langer back in after a wazz(pee), what a langer!
by RaZaHberry October 05, 2006

To reach an advanced stage of inebriation through the imbibing of multiple alcoholic beverages.
"I was sad langers last night old boy"
by cheeses of Nazereth March 30, 2009
langers = drunk
langer= insult
my langer=penis
dude your such langer,you got so langers and whipped out you langer in front my gran.
by r_d_m December 01, 2010
Someone who is being an idiot or fool or acting in a silly or foolish manner.

Being drunk
What a langer!

Did you see how much he's had to drink, he must be langers by now.
by Stephen Murray July 26, 2005
Someone who owns a Japanese car.

The langer in the Glanza
by chaballs September 29, 2008
anger at langnes, when reading the redundant posts of a langnes, the feeling generated is irritation at the author...this feeling is langer
Did you read what that langnes wrote about your idea, it was so irritating I still am dealing with my langer.
by dusano December 25, 2008
An oversized person in the vertical direction. Often these people are found with large toes. When playing soccer if a player has a very hard and long kick they can be described as having a langer toe
Dave u stupid LANGER!
Out my way U LANGER?
This kid has a langing toe

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