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the basic act of placing a sheet of toilet paper in the toilet before you take a shit, with the sole purpose of preventing water from bouncing up your ass.

also a means to mute the turd-to-water impact
(Boyfriend innocently walking past the bathroom)


Boyfriend: Babe, I totally just heard your turd hit the water. And I'm pretty sure water just shot up your ass.

Girlfriend: Yeah, sorry. Forgot to use my landing gear.
by KetchupVSKatsup August 20, 2010
A depressant, usually benzodiazepines (xanax is common), used to come down from a trip on acid, mushrooms, etc.
Man that show got canceled; I wish I had some landing gear to stop my trip
by psycheshop August 18, 2008
The term used for describing the flaps of skin hanging from a "Flange" or "Pussy" after excessive sexual intercourse.
Man you should have seen her joot after i finished smashing it, looks like she was preping for landing.
by adam xe4 March 01, 2005
plums,grapes, balls,nuts,junk,gear,jewels,beans seedbags
After I made her eat a hand full of alpo I got a little excited and rubbed my landing gear on the back of her neck.
by Ymir April 29, 2004

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