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a vagina, colloquially refered to as a 'joot'
1. "show us ya joot!"
2. "she had a tight little joot"
by Mr.Oxford March 23, 2008
Another name for marijuana
Let's get some joots and blaze
by namepod August 17, 2011
A sweaty scrotum resulting from a hard day's work.
In particular, the odour produced by said scrotum.
"I scratched my sack, now my hand smells like joot"
"You're a dirty joot"
by Steggs July 16, 2006
Joot's original meaning was a qualifying term for bodily fluid.
Then it became Joota, used to describe a Good looking woman.
Now Joot can be used to describe anything.
That woman is one find piece of Joot
Oh dear Ive got some Joot on my shoe
That guy plays some good Joot.
Look at that Joota across the road.....Twoot twoot
Aw that car is Jooted
by Astroboy June 02, 2005
to shoot a load, ejaculate, skeet, cum
I want to joot all over your face.
by Stinky Thumbs May 24, 2005
Generic word for untasteful orifice references
How much joot could popboi joot if popboi could joot joot.
by Popboi September 25, 2005
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