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Term used for describing non-deseribale vaginas.

Would you close your legs please, I can smell your rancid flange from here.

The sight that greeted me was not appealling - red, sore-looking spots surrounded her swollen flange.
by Stevie October 16, 2003
an undesirable vagina with excess skin that can hold the thick end of an irn-bru bottle.
there's a small boy stuck in that lassies flange!!!
by duggman September 09, 2005
Slang for the Labia Majora. The vulva.
I went nude sunbathing and I sunburnt my flange. It looks like a slice of watermelon
by Marlowe March 18, 2003
The inside part of a train wheel that prevents it from derailing, and enables it to traverse corners.
Engineer 1: This flange is wearing out.
Engineer 2: We'll replace the bogie then.
by Osarius January 23, 2013
A term for a womans vagina usually as an insult.
She has a smelly flange
by Fredy January 31, 2003
1. a name for the vagina

2. a insult that has nothing to do with vaginas at all. used as a nonsence word.
1. my flange is really itchy, i think i have crabs.

2. "dave, you are such a flange!" or "oi, flange give me a cigarette"
by sazra May 11, 2005
Commonly misused collective term for a group of baboons. Has since been adopted by the Scientific community due to its publication and usage in otherwise professional documents.

The correct collective tem for baboons is a 'troop' or 'congress'.

Origin credited to Richard Curtis, comedy writer. The word was used in a 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' comedy sketch entitled "Gerald The Intelligent Gorilla", purely for comedic effect. Gerald was played by Rowan Atkinson. The sketch also starred film director and comedian Mel Smith.
Whoop is now also used as a baboon collective term, due to appearing in the same sketch.
NTNON was a popular UK sketch show in the 1980s.
by rendevous August 17, 2009
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