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10 definitions by KetchupVSKatsup

Inevitably using your spoon to submerge fresh crunchy cereal in milk, because some how it makes it taste better.
<Kev's bowl is overflowing with Frosted Flakes so he must do the spoon dance carefully>
by KetchupVSKatsup August 12, 2011
38 3
the basic act of placing a sheet of toilet paper in the toilet before you take a shit, with the sole purpose of preventing water from bouncing up your ass.

also a means to mute the turd-to-water impact
(Boyfriend innocently walking past the bathroom)


Boyfriend: Babe, I totally just heard your turd hit the water. And I'm pretty sure water just shot up your ass.

Girlfriend: Yeah, sorry. Forgot to use my landing gear.
by KetchupVSKatsup August 20, 2010
41 12
person who follows a dramatic and climactic build up of noises and facial contortions with a wimpy sneeze
sick lady : *hhhh-hh-uh-ahh-ahhhhhhuuuahhhh-hhhhhhhh........chew*

bus passenger: damn sneeze queen
by KetchupVSKatsup August 20, 2010
30 4
Something you type, instead of .com, in moments of paranoia and pervertedness.
::youporn.copm (CTRL+A)
::youporn.copm (CTRL+A)
::youporn.com (yay)
by KetchupVSKatsup December 28, 2011
18 1
An eye lash that kamikazes into your food. Instant appetite killer. Unavoidable and always when you least expect it.
Kev clothslined the waiter because he found a rogue lash in his cobb salad.
by KetchupVSKatsup August 12, 2011
19 5
The stuff you bite off on accident. Usually when your eating too fast, or chewing gum, or just not paying attention. After which you spend the whole day licking the inside of your mouth because some how you think it will make it heal quicker.
Los: *scarfing roast beef Ramen* ...ouch!

Kev: Jaw meat, again. Fuckin rookie.
by KetchupVSKatsup December 10, 2011
10 1
Randomly found in light colored drinks, preferably those with ice. Noticed only AFTER you've drank from it already. Followed by bouts of denial over how it got there. Subject to great debate and one of life's greatest mysteries.
<Kev spots a floaty in the pink lemonade he's been sipping>

by KetchupVSKatsup August 12, 2011
15 6