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Puertorrican, Cuban and Spanish origin. From the latin Eulalia. Commonly used to call a mysterious and exotic young hottie. Usually known for her wit and humor. Smart and charming. Tends to have involuntary ass shaking reflects to bass beats.
Ay, nena, look at that grrl on the dance floor, looks just like a Lali!
by maria eulalia February 19, 2005
beautiful, sexy human being on this planet. her smile, her laugh, here eyes, her personality, everything about her is perfect. she makes life worth living for she can bring you love with only her personality if she wanted to
by dnicedoubleo November 04, 2013
To pull a Lali you must Flirt (bang) another guy when your boyfriend is away and you decide to be a slut and take two dicks in secretly without both of them knowing they're tapping the same vagina.
Last night at that party I totally pulled a Lali... They'll never know..
by Inspirer5555 October 02, 2013
laugh a little inside,For use instead of lol during a txt. For moments of not laughing out loud but having a chuckle inwards.
Friend1- i just saw a dolphin fart
Friend2- Lali
by Grary March 28, 2014

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