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The most awesome person in the universe. Lalys are awesomely smart and are basically awesome to the max power. Also, Laly can mean awesome in some languages such as english.
Dude whats another word for awesome?

Well, umm... theres kool, rad, and oh yea Laly.
by LUCKYGUY0008 February 11, 2010
a girl who does good but can be wild at times she doesnt give a crap about what you say chances are that she doesnt even know who you are she loves friends and a boy and is really cool people say she has big lips when she puts on her favorite lipgloss from victoria secret.she loves to shop for big sunglasses because she believes they are the best! she loves urban dictionary and uses it everyday!
person shes always on urban dictionary and is with her friends and has big lips.

person 2.yeah well we all know that shes laly!
by lal414 June 18, 2009
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