Pennsylvania high school girls basketball CHAMPIONS
hey bro the lady lakers trashed that sucky harrisburg team yo
by Smooth Joe McCool...aka ryan July 10, 2004
consist of men like shaq, who causes serious concern over the state of the human race/gene pool. join the "shaq should not reproduce" organization!
by yepthatsme June 28, 2003
a wealthy person who does not live at the lake but owns a cottage and/or boat there. most travel a minimum of an hour to inconveniently make the lake busy as hell. lakers make the gas prices go up and increase the summer population by 200%.
laker: "i just bought a boat that i don't know how to drive. can you show me to the nearest marina with the most expensive gas, since i can afford it, so i can fill my 2 boats and 7 jetskis?"

local: "you must be a laker."
by cakehoe July 13, 2008
Don't care what anybody says the Lakers are the greatest nba franchise ever. everybody hates on them but they but can't beat them. If you cant beat em then hate on em.
SoCals pride.
Austin: did you see the laker game yesterday?

Tyler: hell yeah! They beat boston by 22. Lakers 4 life!!!

Austin: Agreed.
by Lakers4life89 December 11, 2010
ditching for a baby reason. ditching because an extremely lame and stupid excuse.
"Hey we still going to the game Friday?"
"Yea bro!"
"Don't laker on me!"
-Doesn't show up-
"Bro you lakered on me!"
by kcrowd October 27, 2011
a retired pirate that lives on a lake, with the big beard and hook for a hand and yellow trench coat
look at that badass laker bro
by Smooth Joe McCool...aka ryan July 10, 2004
Watching a grown person cry after losing to a competitor that they assumed they were superior to, finding out that they are not. Then later, instead of admitting the other team was better, you explain how you had some unrelated problems that impacted your ability to focus to use your full potential. You then start to cry some more and make it so pitifully about you (and not about the better team that beat you) that you become the center of attention.

It occurs in sports, politics.
Everytime the lakers lose a championship (especially to the Pistons or Celtics) they do that.

Hillary Clinton acted like a Laker when she lost to Obama.

Watch Kobe literally cry like a Laker.

The Tea Partiers are a bunch of Lakers
by osirica1 February 24, 2010

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