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Derived from Arabic

It means a protector, guardian or a defender
Asim of this forest shall not let us pass.
#asim #certain #protector #defender #guardian
by as1mz February 09, 2010
A guy who chases girls.
That asim always hangs out with girls.
by September 13, 2004
a cute guy that always showers his girlfriend with affection; popular and well-liked by everyone he meets; very smart and witty; has nice hands and beautiful eyes
Charu: oh, hi, Asim
Asim: hey, Charu
Charu: - swoons -
#yummy #loveable #amazing #awesome #sexy
by chaaruu March 21, 2010
Someone who is a complete bad ass. This is a person that is often know my everybody but can be trusted by only a few. This person encounters drugs on a daily basis but chooses not to smoke. This man has pushed weight, usually supplying ounces to his neighborhood . Loved by many and only hated by a few. This person is the most chillest person you will ever meet. This person usually rejects stupidity and has the most connections on his block. If u ever need anything u go to him. Always popular around girls, This person is usually down with anything. This person usually makes something out of his life. This person is one of the most funnest people to be around.
That kid Asim Is Crazy!
Yo i buy off of that kid Asim.
Dont ever disrespect that kid Asim.
I love Asim.
yo asim is comin, yes bitches.
#gangster #loved #assim #asiim #assimm #og #money #respected
by Paki Pride March 30, 2010
hot, good in bed, sexy, attractive, cute, playa
Andria: "Asim is the best in bed!"
Katrina: "theres No doubt in that asim is soo good in bed!"
#hot #sexy #good #in #bed
by jeannettesydney June 02, 2011
a cool guy who doesnt afraid of anything and owns everybody at everything
person 1 - whos he, hes so cool
person 2 - that's asim
person 1 - oh that makes sense
#aasim #asim #asem #aasem #ahsim
by habib jafri January 16, 2011
A Drug Dealer
ay yo that nigga Asim pushes mad weight.
#blood #money #weed #drugs #asim
by Imran Khan @@ May 16, 2010
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