The lakers were a basketball dynasty for three straight years who then got selfish and began to have problems with one another.
The lakers got upseted last year By the detroit pistons
by Javier February 14, 2005
best basketball in the world

lots of people are jealous of their 14 WORLD CHAMPIONS
kobe is better than iverson
by a-dizzo August 06, 2005
used as a substitute for laters
a term used to say goodbye to somebody.
Term originated in Southern California.
John: I gotta head to the store, so I'll see you later.
Greg: alright, pick up some beer. lakers...
by slangbanger September 10, 2005
A small fart, also known as silent but deadly
"Julian, I just layed a laker!"
"Lakers are sweet, Asim, let me try"
by Asim June 18, 2005
Best basketball team in the NBA , beat their rivals, the Boston Celtics in 2010
"Are you going to the Lakers game tonight?

Hell yeahh, they are playing the 7th game against the celtics and of course they are going to win and take the championship."
by lakers2010champs June 26, 2010
Anyone who has lived or grown up in Medford Lakes, NJ, borough of Medford,NJ. You usually find lakers at the Riv, Sandstand, or 7-11.
OMG you are such a Laker!
Didja see those lakers canoeing to school?
by medfordgurl April 10, 2008
a wealthy person who does not live at the lake but owns a cottage and/or boat there. most travel a minimum of an hour to inconveniently make the lake busy as hell. lakers make the gas prices go up and increase the summer population by 200%.
laker: "i just bought a boat that i don't know how to drive. can you show me to the nearest marina with the most expensive gas, since i can afford it, so i can fill my 2 boats and 7 jetskis?"

local: "you must be a laker."
by cakehoe July 13, 2008

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