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10 definitions by Javier

A blowjob by either a male or female that feels like placing the penis inside a running vacuum. Includes excessive sucking noises and scrapes by the teeth.
Janey sucked me so hard and scraped the hell outta my penis. She gave me a Vacuum Blowjob
by Javier January 12, 2005
67 37
The lakers were a basketball dynasty for three straight years who then got selfish and began to have problems with one another.
The lakers got upseted last year By the detroit pistons
by Javier February 14, 2005
151 138
food or drink to take away
Gally was sitting on the hotel balcony half-piched wi a carry-oot
by Javier October 11, 2003
20 8
translated, means "milk." Is used as a synonym for semen.
Dame la leche papi.. si, siii, ay siiiiiiii!!!!
by Javier January 12, 2005
41 31
the passing of gas on the penis during anal sex
She ooffatched on him after numerous anal plunges.
by Javier April 03, 2005
5 1
Val- a person who is not from the beach or coastal area, ..a surfer from the valley; Valley boy
Dude, go home val. GO home vals!!
by JAvier October 23, 2004
166 164
Toonzone member known for being the first Chilean person to join the forums. He is known for being faithful to the forums and defends it from trolls and spammers. Likes watching cartoons, playing videogames, and writing fanfiction.
"Preach on, Javeman, preach on."

"That's the best thing I've heard in years. Javeman, you get a point."
by Javier April 23, 2004
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