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Girl parts not meant to be seen by the general public
I'm kind of over seeing Paris Hilton's Lady Bits...

You know... if Lindsay Lohan would just wear a bra/ underwear, we wouldn't have to see her Lady Bits...
by Mrs. G October 10, 2006
Noun : A word used by members of the Moocamp guestbook in place of swearing as most of the Milton Keynes Dongs fans who use the site are either 8 year olds or 40 year old virgins who still live with their mother.They are scared to use genuine swear words in case their pocket money is kept from them and they are given a smack by their mother. This also applies to the 8 year olds.
"Me and my imaginary online friends are a bunch of ladybits"
by unclelen August 05, 2007
Various unspeakable by-products of a fully functioning woman. Can be a euphemism for a variety of objects, especially those taken out after it's soaked up all the bitch ketchup
I tel you what mate, your drain's blocked 'cos of all the lady bits down there.
by Nathdogg July 19, 2004
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