labels are used by people who are too lazy to get to know someone. they take one look at a person and slap a label on their forehead without ever getting to actually know the person. without ever actually talking to a person. words like emo,prep,goth,punk,scene
so apparently if you listen to dashboard confessional your emo and if you wear a&f your preppy, if you cut your wrists because you have a personal problem you goth, if you wear chucks you punk, and then you go to the mall and see this really cute headband with polka dots on it and automatically your scene?

people who use labels need a serious reality check
labels are:
emo- she looks sad shes emo
prep- he's wearing a polo what a prep
goth- she owns a piece of black clothing what a goth
punk- he's wearing a band t-shirt what a punk
scence- shes wearing cute little blows in her hair, thats so scene

i hate labels.
by labelssuck March 24, 2007
a label...a word given to someone based on who they are, what they like, or their appearance. someone who is in a punk band is a punk and therefore shouldn't even consider liking the girl that is more into sports. labeling is a way of making everyone fit into a group, but what it really does is leave everyone out.
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
1. Something, usually a sticker of sorts; that you stick on a jar or a box to identify the contents and/or purpose.

2. A highly complicated system which is used to classify people, usually high school students; in an attempt to organize them by how they are 'supposed' to be, determined by what music they listen to, what they wear, and in some cases their income. Comparable to the caste system of ancient India.

3. An attempt to classify every band by their 'style'
1. The box is labeled 'tupperware'

2. Oh yeah, she's an emo-goth for sure. You can tell by her Converse and black eyeliner.

3. Oh yeah, their style can pretty much be summed up as alterna-punk/emo/goth/post-hardcore screamo/3rd wave ska revival/punk-core/pop/ska-pop
by Katie March 15, 2005
A word most teenagers don't know what it means. The real definition is "a descriptive term; an epithet."

An epithet, for those of you who don't know, is "A term used to characterize a person or thing, such as rosy-fingered in rosy-fingered dawn or the Great in Catherine the Great.
A term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person, such as The Great Emancipator for Abraham Lincoln.
An abusive or contemptuous word or phrase."

Now look closely at the sentence, "An abusive or contemptuous word or phrase." Isn't that what labels really are?

Labels characterize people. Most people today think labels are basically cliques of people, but it's not. You can hang out with whoever you want, and still be considered a certain label. I dunno about you, but if you would just be yourself, a descriptive term would come up; (otherwise known as a label) INDIVIDUAL! You can't get away from labels. They're a part of life. Deal with it.

Deal with it if someone calls you a prep or a nerd. Take it as a compliment and still be yourself. If you want to talk about this, IM me on AIM at ccglasses19.
by C.C. June 24, 2005
Something teenagers often slap on themselves and others. Many teenagers have their entire worlds revolving around labels. Common American labels are: prep, goth, punk, stoner, skater, emo, slut, jock. People who label themselves are often insecure and feel they must belong to a group. They usually don't have enough of a mind of their own to be themselves and show originality so they leech off trends.
Honestly... what's the point?
"Goth": I wear all black and act depressed. I am not allowed to relate with "preps". They are the enemy.

"Prep": I constantly look polished and clean cut. I am a barbie doll for society. I am not allowed to relate with "goths". They are the enemy.
by Evil Bella September 07, 2004
Things created by man and hated by man. You perceive others the way you want to perceive them. Don't claim to hate labels if you are so quick to toss them around or come up with one for yourself. People don't label themselves as things.. you do.
Girl 1- "Noo that boy's all gothic and shit."

Person talking to Girl 1 a few days later:

Person- "Soo... you're like a prep?"
Girl 1- "I don't like labels."

by Danielle Danielle January 13, 2009
Here are descriptions of common labels given to people in society (note that not all of them are 100% correct):

Goth/Emo: Wears lots of black (such as clothes from Hot Topic), has pale skin, wears lots of makeup (even if it's a guy), dyes their hair dark colors, listens to rock and metal music which talk about sad stuff, cut themselves, and cry alot.

Thug/Gangsta: Wears clothes twice their size, pulls down their pants to show their boxers, wear lots of chains around their neck, talk in ebonics, listen to rap and hip-hop, loves smoking and doing other drugs, constantly engages in criminal behavior such as vandalism or robbery, and (usually) are black, or PRETEND to be black.

Prep: Loves shopping at stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch, wears lots of pink, frequently wears short revealing clothes such as miniskirts or mini tanktops, listens to pop music, speaks with exaggerations on many words such as "like, oh my GOD, that is SOOOOO kewl!", is self-centered and conceited, and usually have blonde hair (which might be dyed as well).

Punk/Skater: Wears clothing such as ripped faded jeans, plaid shorts, studded belts, band shirts, etc., has a mohawk (in which the spikes may have dyed colors), doesn't give a shit about what everyone thinks of them, wants to rebel against society, loves to skate, smokes or does other drugs, and of course, listens to punk rock.

Jock: Wears lots of sports-related clothes such as basketball jerseys, has sneakers such as Nike's or Adidas, works out a lot, like the prep is self-centered and conceited, puts on lots of deodorant, (obviously) loves to play sports, and when not playing, watches them on TV (ESPN, for example), and lastly, can't pass an academic grade at school if his life (or rather, his professional career) depended on it.
Labels are not 100% accurate - they're more of a stereotypical view of today's people, and many find this disrespectful. However, it is also true that labels can help classify a certain type of person that another might be looking for. Just don't expect for the person to be exactly like the label is described.
by SomeBadJoke August 09, 2006
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