Words given to identify people. The labels are really just crap and people shouldn't just be objectified because of how they look, act, what they wear, and who they are.
Girl: You're wearing black today...are you gothic?

Other Girl: No. I do not approve of labels.
by Poetic Lolita October 21, 2008
A record company usually uses this word to describe the ownership of the artist.
Prince was a label of Warner Bros. He then changed his persona to "the artist formerly known as Prince" which was actually a visual picture of his name. He patched up with Warner and is now known again as Prince.
by michelle9 April 03, 2007
To UNFAIRLY judge a person and connect him/her with a certain group/clique (ex. Prep, Rocker, Indie, Goth).

Don't label anyone. Seriously. Everyone has got their own personality.
by XxstoneandfirexX March 15, 2007
The necessary part of life as a teenager in school or anywhere really...if you don't label yourself to fit in with a particular group of people, then no one really gives 2 hoots about you. After high school, you then realize what you have done with yourself. Often, those who label themselves deny the fact that they are trying to represent a certain image. It is common that music determines who you are.

It is also the paper/plastic wrap on a bottle, or any other product.
*scene kid walks by*

Hey, what do they call that hair style you have?

Scene kid: Uh...I dunno

What do you consider yourself, your style?

Scene kid: I don't label myself

*walks off in his skinny jeans, bandana hanging out of pocket etc...into the rest of the crowd of scene kids*

The label's peeling off of the water bottle.
by angrygumball August 29, 2008
Goth, Emo, Punk, Prep etc.
These are words that catorgorise r define people or things to certain groups!

Goths ONLY wear Black are depressed, want to die, worship satan and are dead inside, these are labels!!
by Emmie Lou August 14, 2006
1. Some cofusing ass shit that makes no sense what so ever
and causes people to become wannabes so they can fit
into certain crowds.
2. A way for people to tell you who you are.
1. Hey emo is in so I guess I'll cut my wrist and black
my eyes then I'll be popular
2. Labeler: Hey, you're punk cause you wear mohawks and
go to shows and like NOFX
Me: Hey, fuck you
by They call me thriller December 04, 2005
I'm not talking about the supermarket brand labels but instead the every day, more common one. It's given to kids based on their appearance, music they listen to and how they talk. The most common labels today are: prep, gothic, punk, emo, jock, etc. Now in days, kids are label themselves because it makes them feel "cool." You find it a lot in AIM screenames like EmoKid, PunkBaby, PreppySlut.
Dude, I'd label you as a prep for sure!
by idontthinksobitch May 10, 2003
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