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something that is really easy

derived from the fact that getting to second base is easy
Person 1:So how was the test?
Person 2:It was tit, I definately aced it.
by KDog88 March 30, 2008
While having sexual intercourse, the Captain Barden is a modified version of doggystyle. When hitting it from the back, you have the left knee on the bed and the right foot on the bed with the right leg cocked out, like you are kneeling on one leg. The right hand goes on your hip and your left hand goes on her left shoulder. The purpose of the left hand on her shoulder is to maximize penetration by bringing her body into you.

Popularized by my boy DJ XLent.
Me: Yo I hit that shit doggystyle last night.
Jeff: Nah man this is what you gotta do, right leg out, right hand on the hip, left hand on the shoulder and just smash on that bitch all day.
Me: Good call. I gotta hit that shit Captain Barden tomorrow night.
by KDog88 September 16, 2008
Getting knocked the fuck out with a blow to the face.
Can also describe anything that results in a digger.
That kid's gonna get labeled if he keeps running his mouth.
That kid on his bike just got labeled by that branch.
by KDog88 January 12, 2009
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