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1)A thing that people usually slap onto others after declaring themselves an original.
2)That little white tag on the back of those sweatshop made clothes
Britney Spears is often labeled a slutty prep; Evanescence, goth
by ./hack statistika August 19, 2004
various names or words people use to call what or who they dont understand
labels = stupid,
by ziaaa July 27, 2008
something used to catagorize people usualy kids who seem to lean twards a certain style of clothing based on the kind of music they listen to.
anyone who would openly label themselfs most likely have low self esteems and feel the need to fit into some group or are just lames with no origionality
"oo look...shes hanging with the punk kids"
by me November 26, 2003
An annoying geralization to fit in with the crowd to make urself feel good.
person:I'm a preppy person
person2: Pathetic
by Practical Illusions May 01, 2005
Word used to define groups wich are different from the majority. olmost always spoken out loud by the "cool" people, but most people do it in their head without them knowing.
The labeled person will olmost always dissagree, because the labels are always the extreme image of their ideals, or because they just look like the label, but do not share there ideals.

Labelling is always wrong, because it is NEVER accurate
-he weirs black! he is a goth
-his hair is standing up straight! he is a punk
-she's a cheerleader! she's prep
by A pseudonym December 05, 2004
1. something stereotypical
2. prep, goth, punk, geek, stoner... are all labels
3. stereotypes used by judgemental teenagers with 1-demensional brains
that kid is wearing abercrombie and fitch...hes a prep! i dont like him because im gothic and hes preppy.
by Flemthrower June 19, 2003
an unfair categorization placed on people by others who do not understand them.
All Americans are loud and inconsiderate. <-- That is a label
by Anonymous August 19, 2003