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"smirking like an idiot"
you might laugh to yourself, but there's gotta be those people (and times) who do their best to hold in their laugh (to avoid being thought of as insane by their neighbors), and end up with an idiotic expression of joy on their faces.
sn1: i think that movie will be super cute
sn2: ... see, i would say that, but that's gonna take away my manliness...
sn2: oh screw it. yeah, i wanna see it b/c it looks cute and makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
sn1: ...slai!
by palindromium July 10, 2008
"laughing quietly to myself"
because not everyone "laughs out loud" when they see that stuff online... the probably laugh silently to themselves so their neighbors don't think they're crazy.
sn1: it got so heavy that my shorts fell off
sn2: LQTM!
by palindromium July 10, 2008

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