lqtm: Laugh Quietly To Myself; Instant Messenging lingo substituted for "lol."
A more truthful "lol."

No one actually laughs out loud when they say lol.
It's a filler.
Use "lqtm" to be more truthful to your responsee.
AIMname1: "My middle name is Francis."
AIMname2: "lqtm."
by Mara Mara December 24, 2007
An abbreviation for the phrase "laughing quietly to myself" for those who dont want to be lying when they say lol or lmao ect. when they really aren't
When I saw that mildly funny video on youtube I ws lqtm
by jplaysguitar January 04, 2010
Laughing Quietly To Myself. An internet acronym to express laughter forr those that might not laugh out loud.
Mick: What is his problem?
Paul: What do you expect? He is fifty years old, lives in his parents basement, and probably spends his weekend blowing his cat. So, he's a little angry, wouldn't you be?
Mick: lqtm
by Lou Ripken #12 October 05, 2009
Laughing Quietly To Myself, because no one really laughs out loud.
Sadie:i went to the beach over spring break :)
Alison:which one? Neskowin?
Sadie:ya!! how'd you know?
Alison:because you always wear that neskowin sweatshirt...
Sadie:O! haha, wow...
by ms.laughsalot April 01, 2009
aol instant messenger/text message abbreviation for "laugh quietly to my self". used instead of lol, meaning "laugh out loud".
-jim: (insert joke here)
by b2j July 29, 2008
Laughing quitely to myself.

Good use in AIM session.
" ha ha, lqtm, that was pretty funny"
by mikexdc April 02, 2009
Laughing. Quietly. To. Myself.
A subtitute for LOL (it makes more sense)

'Jess fell down the stairs,'
'LQTM she is such a cluts!'
'i know!'
by Rockin' LIL J March 19, 2009
Laughing Quietly To Myself. Usually used in a text.
After farting in church the congregation looked around as i was LQTM .
by Dewbeewah October 01, 2010

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