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A higher spirit that lurks over the Shrewborn Crew, often refered to as Fen alone. Word can be used as Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, or Pronoun.
Yo, wanna fen over to the fen party after we smoke the fen cause some fen chicks will be there where we can get our fen on?
by Rob Johnson June 10, 2004
LP originated from Africa. As the AP faction crossed the boarder of Algeria in 1952 which started the tribal war of 1952 called "the Core" (le cortis) the battle didn't take long for the AP faction to remove the invaders. As the invaders scattered in late 1952 they sworn for revenge thus established a new orgnization. The last remaining LP resistance now is believed to live in America. The last remaining LP believed to be an Afrikan who is of Irish decent. The location and the size of this organization is still unknown but throughout the midwest in America there are spots where the LP's painted their signals. Many still believe the organization is forming a terrorist organization once again.
The LP's lost the battle of The Core in 1952 Against the AP faction.
by Rob Johnson May 14, 2004

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